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Is there something like this that exists, but for coax?

This is an HDMI audio extractor. It can be put in-line with an HDMI cable, and then the audio from the HDMI signal can be outputted from the toslink optical connection. Is there something like this that exists for the coaxial antenna/cable connection, by where the audio from the coax signal could be outputted through a 3.5mm or an RCA connection?


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    That device is called a TUNER.     

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    No, or nothing like the same.

    HDMI is the digital equivalent of "baseband" audio and video - the yellow / white / red cables often used by video cameras or game consoles etc.

    Both carry a displayable image and sound, that can connect direct to a video monitor.

    In the case of the yellow/white/red setup (or component video plus white & red audio) the white and red are simple audio that can connect to any amp aux in, without any extra gadgets needed.

    The only way to put the audio and video signals all down a single coaxial cable is if they are modulated on a radio frequency carrier.

    That needs a radio receiver (tuner) to select the frequency, demodulate the wanted signal and separate out the video and audio components.

    A TV receiver or stand-alone TV tuner box / set top box, in other words.

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    Yes, it would be a digital tuner, which would be your cable box, satellite box, or over the air antenna tuner depending on the type of coaxial signal.  I know that's probably not the answer you were expecting, but you must understand a coax cable carries multiple signals that must be individually "tuned" to view the specific channel you want.  All these tuners will have various options for audio output depending on the model. 

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