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sadwings25 asked in PetsDogs · 3 months ago

14 yr old dog wants to play?

Long story short (Or I'll try and keep it short), my sister dropped her 7 year old dog off at my place and said she could no longer take care of him. I take him to the groomers on a regular basis, and to the vets on a regular basis (which he has never had done before), and lives in a building full of dogs, who are allowed off leash in the back, and they all get along. Sometimes you'll have 10 dogs of all ages and sizes playing together at once. My dog has never learned to play with other dogs, or play with toys, chew on dental bones. He has been friendly with other dogs, but stayed away while they played together and just walked off and did his own thing. 

Because my dog is old, he's developed problems with his legs. Hip dysplasia, arthritis, etc...  He would bark when the dogs would approach him to play, so they all learned that he's the grumpy old man, and they stayed away from him. But he would sometimes sit and watch them play.

About 2 months ago, I put him on CBD oil, and it made a world of difference. He still limps while walking, and his front paws give out occasionally causing him to do a face plant into the ground. But the last 2 days or so, I've seen that he's trying to interact with the one of the dogs, and play with him, but since they learned to leave him alone, they walk away from him. 

So, how can I help them play together? He did used to run besides them while they chased the ball, but has stopped doing that a few years ago. Any tips or suggestions?


Thank you E.H. Amos, I never thought that it could do him more harm if he were to all of a sudden start playing again. We do play hide and seek and play around while we are inside, but it was cute that he had the desire again to play with other dogs. I will keep his activity limited, and speak with his vet about it on our next visit. 


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    I would NOT help them play together.  You have a VERY elderly dog who is in ZERO body condition (after being largely inactive) to suddenly start running or horsing around.  He would be very likely to suffer injury.  

    So.... I suggest YOU plan to play with him (on his own) at work or home.  Try doing some simple "nose work" exercises (find online) or even look into doing some tracking, if he can put his head/neck down & wear a harness.  You can also play "Hide & Go Seek" games at home by hiding YOURSELF & then calling him to find YOU, or hiding a dog biscuit & then telling him to "find" the goody/cookie etc. Make it an easy game to start with.

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    3 months ago

    Most of my dogs couldn't care less about playing with other dogs and I don't see the need for doggy play dates.  Think about it, wolf packs never play with each other. 

    I wouldn't worry about facilitating your dog's social interaction with other dogs. While a child may be ordered to play nice with the jerky kid next door (and we all know how much fun that is for everyone), a dog cannot be forced to play with another dog.  

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