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Why don’t dogs have races like humans do?

Like, why aren’t there black, or Asian dogs?

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    There's lots of races for dogs

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    There are black dogs and there are asian dogs. Furthermore, race is a social construct created by european academics.

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    There are many breeds and colors of dogs. There's the Pekingese from China, the German Shepherd from Germany, and the Labrador from Newfoundland, as well as every other breed. Each of these breeds come in different colors also. The Pekingese can be white, black, fawn, cream, and more. The German Shepherd can be black, sable, gray, red, or a mix of these. The Labrador can be black, yellow (which varies from red to white and everything in between), or chocolate. 

    So your question is really quite silly seeing as there are far more varieties of dogs than there are people. Also, dogs don't have races unless you're talking about them trying to see who can catch the rabbit first.

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    My Standard Poodle is black.  There are more kinds of dogs (breeds) than people.

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  • 1 month ago

    Because It's mon Human

  • 1 month ago

    It is the different breeds & not races when it comes to dogs.  All dogs have an origin & that could be their origin/race, if you look at it kinda ********.

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    Some dogs, come from America (American poodle), Mexico (Chihuahua), etc. But they have no race. Just where they originated, and mutts are mixed between ANY type of dog.

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    Omg. This question is killing me, in a good way. So dogs do have this equivalent. Let me explain:

    First, dogs, unlike people, have different breeds. There are no different breeds/types of modern human. The dog version of what humans call 'race' is coat pigment of a particular breed of dog.For example, if you look at Labrador Retrievers we have 3 colors (not counting silver--sorry): black, yellow and brown. We don't call these different colored labs different races. They are all labs. Some are yellow, brown and black. That is the human equivalent to 'race', which is why race is a stupid human social construct. We just have different colored humans, just like labs do.

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    In 1956, developmental researcher J.B.S. Haldane suggested a conversation starter to anthropologists: "Are the natural contrasts between human gatherings tantamount with those between gatherings of homegrown creatures, for example, greyhounds and bulldogs… ?" It peruses as though it were posted via online media today. The relationship contrasting human races with canine varieties isn't just boundless in history and mainstream society, yet in addition seems like logical avocation for shunning the social development of race, or for holding bigoted convictions about human instinct. Here we answer Haldane's inquiry with an end goal to improve the public comprehension of human natural variety and "race"— two wonders that are not interchangeable. Addressing everybody without master levels of knowledge of this material, we explore whether the canine variety relationship for human race faces science. It doesn't. Gatherings of people that are socially named as "races" vary in populace structure, genotype–aggregate connections, and phenotypic variety from types of canines obviously, given how fake determination has formed the advancement of canines, not people. Our showing supplements the tremendous group of existing information about how human "races" vary in basic sociocultural, authentic, and political ways from classes of nonhuman creatures. Before the finish of this paper, perusers will see how the presumption that human races are equivalent to canine varieties is a bigoted methodology for defending social, political, and financial disparity.

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    They "sort of do" but they are called different breeds.  Also, just like some people there are mixed breed dogs, just like some people are mixed race/races.

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