Can I face backlash for this?

Working at a mechanic shop. Been here for years. The boss is the epitome of Mr. Scrouge. We’ve worked with broken lifts, no shop air, refuses to turn on the heaters or fans most days, takes money from the register and blames us etc.

Been telling boss for a few months that our tire machine (stamped from the early 80s) is about to go out on us. It’s been bugging out and not operating correctly and been really jerky. He kept saying that we’re not going to replace it until it goes out. Was doing a tire one day and the air line for duck head arm gave out or something and burst, and all 150lbs of pressure released and pinned my finger between it and the steel wheels lip nearly cutting my finger off. It broke the skin on both sides of my finer, pulled the meat out, cracked my finger bone. 

I told him that I wouldn’t file anything or cost him any money on the premise he replaced the machine effective immediately. He unhooked the machine and a week later, a repair man comes by and Frankensteins the machines back together saying “I feel bad for who ever has to use this. Took parts from 8 machines.” 

I refuse to do tire work until he replaces the machine. Honestly don’t care if he fires me, I have something to fall on, but am I in the right for this?

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