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How can I stop Google from knowing what is on my phone and devices?

I want to use my phone and other devices without Google knowing what I am keeping on my device. I am a bit wary of having Google apps on my phone because I know that Google can see what photos and videos and files I have on my phone when I use their services. However, if I download or import files into my phone while being offline or having backup and synced turned off, will Google still be able to know what I am doing?

The main apps I am worried about are Google Drive and Google photos because they are always backing up/syncing to my Google account.

Can someone please explain how if it is possible to not have Google "spying" on me? Do I just turn off syncing? 

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    when you say "Google can see what photos and videos and files I have on my phone", i'm not sure what you mean. Google doesn't "spy on" its users' private data. they will only know what YOU make public. so if you post your photos in a publickly viewable area, or hand out open links to them, they may see them. but as long as you do not share them publickly, Google knows nothing; they don't "look at" your files.

    and if they really WANTED to spy on you, they wouldn't need an APP to do it. you probably don't realize this but, if you have an Android phone, you are using a Google Operating System...the WHOLE PHONE is one big Google App!

    why do you think your phone came preloaded with so many Google apps? it was MADE by Google! if they wanted to spy on you, they could have slipped tracking stuff into the Android OS.

    if you want to know what Google DOES look at, check out their Privacy Policy, for any of their services, like Drive or Photos. typically they only collect information that the app needs to function. the only exception being your typed searches on

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    Use an iPhone instead and let Apple know instead?

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    You cannot. If you want to play the game, you have to go by the rules. If you don't like the rules, go play some other game. 

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