Relevant specifications in a computer to play ultra high definition videos. ?

I want to buy a computer for my son, he is into filming wildlife and landscapes with a drone, and then create documentaries with them. I could ask him what to buy for his computer, but I want to give him the surprise.  Could anyone please tell me what to look for in terms of Processor, video card, etc. Thank you

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    1 month ago

    if you want to do HD video EDITING (not just playback), then a desktop would be best. be sure it either comes with a video card or has room to add one (many don't).

    besides that, an Intel Core i7, 9th Gen or newer would work best.

    16GB of RAM, though if it comes with 8GB, you can just buy a second stick.

    also, be sure it comes with an SSD drive for the OS, AND an HDD for storing the video. if you have a big budget, look for one that says "gaming computer", as they tend to work best with video editing.

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