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America: a continent or a country?

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    America is a continent which has 3 countries. North America, central America and South America. We, in the northern part, call ourselves Americans. I guess it's because we don't like to say 'Stations'.

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     The Americas (also collectively called America) 

     is a landmass comprising the totality of North and South America. 

     The Americas make up most of the land in Earth's Western Hemisphere 

     and comprise the New World.

  • garry
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    its neither , its the americas , north and south parts , spanish migrated to the south and europeans to the north ..

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    There are two continents viz. North America and South Amerrica. 

    Each continent contains several sovereign nations(countries). 

    On the continent of North America is the country named United States of America(USA). The USA is often casually named as 'America'. 

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  • Bill-M
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    North America - Continent

    South America - Continent

    United States of America = Country.

    Central America -  Several Countries and part of North America Continent.

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    North America is a continent, as is South America.

    The term "Americas" applies to both continents.

    United States of America is a country, sometimes abbreviated as America, or United States, or US.

    "America" is a collective land mass consisting ofNorth America and South America.

  • GA41
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    A continent.  The USA is a country.  There are several countries on the American continent.

  • Anonymous
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    A country. "America" can't be called a continent because there are two American continents: North America and South America. The name "America" by itself only ever refers to the country whose full name is the United States of America, not to any continent as it would be unclear which of the two continents with "America" in its name it would be referring to. That's why, in the vernacular, if one is going to "America," one is going to the United States of America, but if one is going to the "Americas," one is going to anywhere on the North American continent (which includes Central America), on the South American continent, or on any of the islands adjacent to or associated with those two continents (e.g., Brazil isn't in America; Brazil is in the Americas).

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    A corporation.

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    It's a scary thought that many Americans would think it was a country first. That average IQ is dropping, fast.

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