How do I use the PS4 Move Controllers?

When I have one active on the menu I can’t scroll around from left to right on the menu and when it is active the system won’t let me activate any other controller, not even the default wireless controller or another Move controller. And if the wireless controller is active and I use it to go into a game that requires Move controllers I can’t get the system to pick up on my Move controllers at all, even though they do have charge on them. Can’t be cause I have the VR active. The games I am trying to play require the VR and two Move Controllers.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Hmm. I have never experienced these issues before, so I'm going on guesses. Right off the bat, I don't even try to use the Move controller to navigate the home screen or quick menu (or whatever it's called when you hold down the PS button). I always overshoot or undershoot what I'm trying to get to.  

    This might be a stupid question, are you holding down T (large button) on the Move controller when trying to scroll on the menu? Another dumb question which kinda implies you don't know anything, are the Move controllers synced with the console? Why the console isn't letting you have multiple devices/controllers active simultaneously is a mystery. When you turn the controllers on, I'm assuming you're selecting your account for who is using them. 

    What game are you trying to play? I also have the vr headset.

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