What about life well with some kind action kind words kind mind ?

Is your health better healthy person with right views good in nature you think of and you can find good in people ? The more healthy good you see in nature the more your vision and mind body is well and healthy. 

The tree is dying and I want all of it removed from my area may affect your healthy life well if you really want the tree gone or it is really affecting you bad. If the trees bring you life and are healthy good right in health then saying good kind of better than doing saying bad about the trees. 

So it is good to see green trees and brown bark of the trees looks nice and saying something good about the trees may make you more healthy. Nature part of how we see and think about nature and your mind and health. 

Human part of similar. Think of human part of what right words good words can make you healthy and bad words about human can make you sick . Abdull Tarzi 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    in Buddhism they teach the eight fold way. Its supposed to get you to focus and meditate on what is right and good, and to act the same way. 

    In meditation that I do, I try to return to a pure state of consciousness (See: Tolle), nothing but self-awareness, stillness, calmness, and quiet. This way it will roll over to other parts of my life that may require some work with frustration or other irksome feelings.

    The dishes may get dirty, but if you meditate on pure consciousness there is a rinse cycle available.

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