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Is Russia a part of Europe or is it a completely different country?

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    How can Russia be a different country from itself? ;)

    I assume you mean is it on another continent.  Russia is one of the few countries to span two continents.  Most of it is actually in Asia, but most of its people are in the European part.  Siberia is the part of Russia that's in Asia.  Fun fact, even just the European part of Russia is nearly 40% of all of Europe.

    Turkey and Kazakhstan also span two continents, again Europe and Asia - but most of each, and the most important part of each, is in Asia.

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    Russia is a country. Which continent it's on is only a matter of human definition. There is no geographical division between Europe and Asia within Russia. Culturally speaking Russia would be considered part of Europe (especially the western part where nearly all of the population lives). 

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    Is your head made entirely of cheese, or is it part of a completely different species?

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    You a bit confused.  Europe is not a Country.  Russia is a Country all by itself.  But it lies in TWO Continents, Europe and Asia. 

    There are Seven Continents:

    1. Europe (comprised of Many Countries,  like France and Italy)

    2. Asia

    3. Africa

    4. North America (which includes Central America down to and including Panama)

    5. South America

    6. Australia

    7. Antarctica (south Pole)

    Technically Europe and Asia is one large Land Mass but someone decided to make two contents out of it. The Border between the two starts in Russia along a Mountain Range that Runs north and south and a River.   The Ural Mountains and Ural River.  And along the Aegean Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea and the Turkish Strait.

    Turkey is also split on two Continents.  Most of it is in Asia.

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    Russia is one of two countries that spans both Asian and Europe. The other one is Turkey. The greater part of Russia is in Asia. The capital of Russia, Moscow, is in Europe and Russian culture is European rather than Asian.

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    Russia is in both Europe and Asia

    European Russia is just known as Russia. 

    Asian Russia is known as Siberia or Siberian Russia. 

    The dividing line is the Ural Mountains, which lie  in a North/South line from the Arctic Ocean to the Caspian Sea. 

    Moscow  is the Capital City and is in European Russia. 

    NB; Russia is NOT part of the EC (European Community) . The EC is often just referred to , but erroneously, as 'Europe'. 

    Russia is a completely different legal sovereign nation(country). 

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    Correct BJJ but 90% of the people must live in Europe.

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    1 month ago

    Part of Russia

    is located in Europe.

    So: yes, Russia "is part of" Europe.

    Russia is also "part of" Asia.

    Similarly: Denmark is part of Europe and North America.

    Egypt is part of Asia and Africa.


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    The country of Russia is in two continents  , 77% is in Asia and 23% in Europe 

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    Europe is a continent, not a country.

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