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Former Vice President Pence has Mars square Pluto & Mercury conjunct Pluto in his S.R. chart for both 2021 & 2022....?

how unusual is that and what it might mean? how might tie into circumstances he is in now? and why?  (also I noticed he has Secondary Progressed Sun opposing his natal Pluto nearly exact as well as the secondary progressed moon squaring exactly nearly to his natal Pluto).....what this might mean? 

Actually I think the moon squaring his natal pluto in his secondary progressed chart is exact around Jan. 6th)


Also, to add further, his Tertiary progressed chart also shows Sun opposing Pluto also nearly exact, but also has tertiary progressed Mars opposing his natal pluto applying nearly exact AND Tertiary progressed Sun opposing his Tertiary progressed Uranus. what it might mean as well?

Update 2:

AND..furthermore his Tertiary progressed Mars is opposing his natal Uranus along with the Sun.

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