How is sexual  harassment treated in the workplace ?

If some employees engaged in horseplay- 

A girl  grabs at a guy's  crotch.

He in turn grabs at her breast.

Why would  one be treated  less serious than the other ?

Wouldn't  both workers likely be reprimanded ?

Only because  two wrongs don't make a right....right ?

3 Answers

  • Sexual harassment is basically unwelcomed comments about a persons body and inappropriate or unwelcomed touching.

    If both people are consenting to doing those things, there's no harassment going on. If they get reported for their behavior because some one doesn't want to see that going on, then they could get reprimanded. Their behavior is unprofessional and innapropriate. 

  • 1 month ago

    Usually, the people involved are fired, and the rest of the employees are warned.  You people need to grow up.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    That wouldn't be sexual harassment. That would simply be sexually inappropriate behavior in the workplace. To be sexual harassment, a behavior has to be perceived as harassment by the recipient. What you described, neither one is perceiving it as harassment. The guy could've been being sexually harassed if he had perceived it as an unwanted sexual advance, but by making a sexual advance of his own, he proves he didn't, and so the behavior of each has demonstrated the advances were mutually consensual and not unwanted, ergo not "sexual harassment," as defined by law. 

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