I think people need good right now ?

Living well could be becoming one human all peace all better all right ways to live. We can make unity for all human or unite people all we are kind peace. 200 nations 10 religions may harm human and we can never be one together in so many places so many religions. We can be one kind happy loving healthy religion and humanity good peace and guidelines for everyone. 

Good in peace people

Why was talking and art written read seeing lights nature hearing seeing human seeing things trees bushes flowers nature doing well happy kinder energy health being so important in the human ideas ? Did people learn kind happy healthy ways to live to make the best lives to make best things and that is why we are healthy people today and we are from past present and future Human species ? Did human create good kind right ways to live to see ? Can we join being kind freindly peaceful good in human and good in human ideas and good in nature universe we all live in. Today or in the year 2021 or soon even 4 years to make the right kind happy loving country peace right ideas vision guideline from all people from every one living for friendship and peace.  

  Abdull Tarzi 

2 Answers

  • Carmen
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    Yes we all need some positivity happiness security and peace in our lives with the Pandemic and civil unrest around the world going on keep praying for a calm heart and peace of mind. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    NOT A QUESTION,. Reported for chat violation. Please read the forum rules.

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