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Is it wise or unwise to assume you know an answer on something you really know nothing about? (check links) The BORDER WALL is effective...?

...450 miles have been built under Trump's leadership and only a FEW DOZEN MILES of wall of ANY kind were replaced.

In an audience of mainly U.S. Border Patrol agents, Trump celebrated the completion of 450 miles of his border wall.

Benjamin Feigenberg discusses the effectiveness of border walls on deterring migration.

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    I have seen much of the border fencing before Trump took office.  Most of it was a joke and may as well have not been there.  The new barriers that have been built should be considered as new.  It's unfortunate that Biden has no concern for border security or the agents who risk their lives to protect our citizens.

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    Lol to summarize ..  450 miles of "for show" fencing was replaced with 450 "for show" *improved* mexican funded or  going pay us  late (hopefully, crossing fingers!!!) fencing

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You're asking that on Yahoo! Answers??!!

    You'll probably get the best wrong answers imaginable.

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