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Would a realtor or appraiser be able to inspect a newly purchased home?

I found my newly purchased home has more than one electrical system and plumbing system and I can’t shut off the secondary electrical system?

There are all sorts of outlets in the attic and what look like little drip irrigation tubes up there. There is a bundle of orange cords and a bundle of bare copper wires running up through a pvc pipe in the walls.

The wires go to aluminum “rails” we found in the wall when we were renovating the house and are connected to other bits of orange extension cord connecting to the outlets all over the attic as well as outlets in the craft room including several “three phase” outlets that had been wallpapered over.

There is a secondary plumbing and gas system that is run using garden hoses in the walls connected to fittings in the craft room that had been wallpapered over.

We did some probing and found bluish green corroded connectors for what looked like hose spigots outside the house were connected to this secondary plumbing system via a direct link from the spigot to the craft room. The seller just said that the old spigot was corroded and didn’t work anymore.

There was also a tangle of weird splices for internet wires not connected to anything we knew of in the walls.

I can’t seem to figure how to shut off the secondary electrical system. There are no breakers or fuses for it anywhere we can find on the property. The PVC tube with wires goes down into the ground in the crawl space we assume.

From there we can’t find where it runs?


Could a former owner before who we bought it from 

have had separate utilities and such for a home based office or something? Would that explain the separate electrical and internet/phone wiring?

The attic hatch was in the craft room and it was covered by a drop ceiling so we just found that when remodeling as well.Are realtors experts in things like this?

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    You should have had your home inspected prior to closing by YOUR bank, not the realitor. The BANK has a vested interest in your home, not the realitor.

    If your home was not inspected, then you should hire one to figure out the anomalies with the water/electric in the craft room and attic. With an irrigation system as you sounds like someone was growing marijuana in the house, perhaps?

  • 1 month ago

    That is standard prior to closing..

  • 1 month ago

    Did you discover all of this behind a secret wall, like the last time you were here with similar bullshit?  Oh, and for the record, there is no such thing as "internet wires", with or without "weird splices".  Get a different hobby and stop bothering us.

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    Call an electrician.  He has tools he can use to determine if wires are live or dead,   if they wired correctly,  what fuse runs them,  etc.   

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    all this ought to have been done before the sale, appraiser representing your interest, it will be an expense on your part now,unless there were misrepresentaion in the sales contract or agreement,,which means an attorney and associated costs

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    Inspect: NO.

    They can refer you to the inspector they recommend to clients.

    That said, your FICTIONAL remnants of an illegal marijuana grow house were old this time last year. Anyone that actually put that in would rip it out before selling, and anyone auctioning repossessed or seized property would have found it BEFORE the auction.

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    Call an electrician for an electrical problem.  A realtor or appraiser or your brother-in-law or a gypsy fortune teller are all big mistakes.   A realtor is interested in selling selling houses; an appraiser estimates the market value of houses,  your brother-in-law is a pain in the ***, but they all are useless in fixing an electrical problem.

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    Yea the former owner was probably grown weed. As far as inspecting it a realtor or appraiser would be useless.   Call a electrician probably the more important one to call as electricity is much more dangerous.   An a plumber for the plumbing issue. 

    I'd contact your realtor that you used to by the house.  As you might have some legal actions you can use in ykur title insurance to get the issue fixed from the former owner.

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    you found the remains of a "grow room".  local law enforcement wants to know about this.  After they're done, rip out this junk and toss it out or recycle it for money.  Mind the live electrical lines ... a specialized tester [the ones used by the outfit that locates buried power, comm, and water lines] may be able to trace them back to source -- which may well be an illegal tap on an underground power line somewhere.  That last bit suggests calling the electric company and asking them to investigate ... they may find evidence of theft of electricity and you want that to be on the prior owner, not on you.  -- GL  -- Granddad

  • 1 month ago

    Oh, here's the 'my new house has some weird stuff in it' troll. Again.

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