What kinds of space and universe world human life should we have peaceful kind now past future or war military now ?


My opinions. 

The space universe programs should be everyone all human to join. Today we have few nations few people who work in space and could be using military Gov wars fighting fire in space universe that could be illegal wrong harms the human life human ideas information. Human kind and peace universe. 

How do we get more human closer human body human intelligence human emotions human right lifestyle human eye and human to human love for peace human vision human fairness kind generosity to the kind peace universe and good peace space.  

Good life for all human in peaceful space and in kinder universe. 

We need space human universe world kind programs to unite bring human together and to make people safer. We need people. We need nice vision. We need all people united. We should work together. What do We expect from people from space from universe from lights from technology from seeing things and from air breathing and other things. Our human and near by planet space universe with human speaking writting reading hearing drawing math had made it our minds intelligence positive to do space and and world universe living in the present past and future. We have good transportation for people. We want good lights. We want good technology. The human species needs better kinder more peaceful space human projects and universe human projects.Space and universe and people can understand our humanity is peaceful and we can live friendly. Human  kind. Abdull Tarzi 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your English is very hard to understand, Abdull. Please use GOOGLE TRANSLATE [here: https://translate.google.com/ ] to convert your native tongue to English before posting any more questions. Thank you. 

  • 1 month ago

    i dont think we should have war

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