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Andrea asked in PetsCats · 1 month ago

What can I do to get 2 feral kittens adopted?

I say feral because I know for sure they're not strays, not because they're fearful or antisocial. They've been coming around my house lately alongside a feral adult male who has been around for awhile. I've been feeding them in hopes of earning their trust so that I can catch them and get them adopted so they don't live a life on the streets. They're still young, maybe 9-10 weeks, and it's clear they still will be able to grow accustomed to humans if given attention. How should I go about this, especially once I do manage to capture them?


And we have no plans of keeping them, so I'm guessing I can't bring them straight to the vet otherwise the charges of getting fixed, tested, etc will fall on me and I don't want that.

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  • Shay
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    1 month ago
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    Once you catch them - take them to a "no kill" shelter.

    A shelter will have a much better chance of rehabilitation and homing of two half wild kittens.

    It can be a big challenge to try to tame a feral cat yourself and you need to have the time and a place to do it.   It usually takes having one room in your home that you can dedicate as the "cat" room and that room needs to have as few items as possible in it so the cat doesn't have too many spaces to hide in.  (they need at least one hiding space to feel "safe" - but you don't want so many that you can't find the cat)  The next problem is that when one person takes on taming a wild cat, the cat often attaches only to that person and still runs and hides from everyone else.  A shelter would have several people working with the cats and it would make them more accepting of people in general.

    BTW - I caught and tamed a four month old feral cat.  I kept him in one room and would go into the room several times a day to feed him and to just sit with him trying to get him to come play with a string or toy I had brought into the room.  (of course, he had a cat bed and litter box and a couple of dark spaces he could hide in if he needed to.)    It took a few weeks to tame him enough to let him out into the rest of the house, but he eventually became a great cat - but for the first two or three years that I had him, he would hide anytime someone else came to my home.  It would always take him awhile before he would accept any new person in the house.

  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    Ferals run and hide, they don't hang around and you will never earn their trust once a feral is beyong 4-5 weeks ( even at that age you would have great difficulty catching them) You need to search for a feral ct rescue group...local vets and local rescue will know how to get in touch, they will come out leave catch crates and you call them when one is caught/up until they are all caught they health check spay/ neuter snd release  or if they are young enough and have someone who is prepared to try to tame them, they will so they can be rehomed.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Somehow you need to catch them.  Once I found a kitten abut the same age that I started feeding.  One day I put the food in the cage, she immediately went it for the food, then I closed the cage.  I adopted her so we had no problem.  After catching her, you can take them to animal shelter where they can do spaying/neutering and having them adopted.

    Shelter would have traps that you can borrow.  After catching her you sill have to take her to shelter for fixing/adopting them out. You wll be very happy if you could do these for those little kitties.

  • ?
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    1 month ago

    First you need to catch them,,, you'll need a drop cage for that.

    Then you will need a place to keep them for a few days,maybe a few weeks,, a place where they cannot harm themselves and no harm can come to them,,, this will need to be indoors,,, an empty room, closet, or large crate inside,, the area will also have to be away from constant activity,, somewhere quiet with no other animals or small children.

    Then you will need to spend some time each day handling them,, getting them used to humans, used to be touched, held, petted, etc.,,

    Then, after they've become socialized and used to humans comes the hardest part,,, giving them up. It's very important that you find a no kill shelter,, if they're not adopted out before they reach maturity they'll probably be put down if you take them to the pound or call animal control.

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  • 1 month ago

    maybe animal control can help you with that

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