repairing large plastic cheaply, (multiple large trashcans)?

We have a bunch of plastic bins, similar to trascans except wider, they are cracked and broken overtime but it cost a lot to replace them. (15 of them)

Do you know of a way to "glue" the cracks  cheaply,  there are plenty of cracks and some of the rims have broken off so I want to coat it with something so it can be smooth and not rough/sharp.  

I'm estimating I would need an approximate size of perhaps 2 gallons worth of  gaps to fill so something mainstream wont work.

I don't mind if the filler is "ugly" as long as it works to bind pieces together and is cost effective.

Or maybe some kind of "tough " duct-tape ( we tried duct tape before but they peeled off in just a  month).


(Pearl L) I was thinking that, but with the amount (1-2Gallons ) worth I was hoping someone could suggest  a brand or specific type of glue that could be purchased in bulk that would not cost too much but still be something "they" have experience using and have seen success with.

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    1 month ago
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    Not much can be done that will hold up in this situation, sorry.  If your heart is on repairing as opposed to replacing, some sort of band/strap system could possible work for while.

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    HVAC tape [the metallic kind] is stickier than duct tape.  applying it is a chore ... it sticks to itself and near everything else.  ask the salesman at your hardware or home improvement store

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    You reach a point where materials plus time to repair damage surpasses cost of replacement and given your description, you seemed to have passed that point. Just replace them, one at a time of need be. If that still isn’t an option, you need to determine what type of plastic they are before a glue can be suggested. 

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    you could try using super glue

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