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Did Trump hide pardons for himself and his family? Will the the people of the country find out what the Trump's think they are guilty of?

by ofby bringing charges, like Sedition or Treason, Obstruction of Justice and then having the Trump Family say, I Have A Pardon For That.

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    It's hard to know until charges are filed.

    On one hand it;s his nature to pardon himself/family - he's talked about it openly for years.

    On the other he's had very strong legal advice against it, as doing so implies guilt.

    He's broken not only norms & traditions, but so many laws it's hard to know where to start.

    But accountability must come, not for retribution, but to signal future would-be dictators that it will not stand! We are a Constitutional republic representative democracy & found out how close we can come to losing it. We've only just Refreshed The Roots of Freedom!

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    You're playing in a fantasy World. Neither he nor any one in his family have been charged nor convicted of anything, much less have any need to be pardoned for anything.

  • Anonymous
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    Even if they didn't announce the pardons, for a pardon to be official, he must have signed it as President and filed the paperwork. Now that Biden is President, he has the power to uncover all official actions, and he would have announced by now that Trump had pardoned himself and his family. 

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