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Feeling stressed about school?

I'm feeling extremely stressed out for school, which starts quite soon in my country. I'm in my third year of high school and homework, assignments and presentations are piling up. Not to mention I do plenty of extracurriculars. I'm getting increasingly worried. My grades are always straight A and I get good reports, but I'm getting more and more anxious now that I'm moving my way up the ladder of stress that we call high school. I don't know what to do and feel as though I should study more. My teachers put me into advanced classes due to my grades and academic achievements, but that has merely stressed me out even more if possible, and made me study all the more since I don't want to fall behind by any means. I'm not even close to graduating yet, and I already feel this way. I want to go to university and get a steady job, before pursuing my dream career. But I've been feeling so hopeless I've almost wondered about dropping out. I know I would never do that, but the fact that I'm thinking about it is worrying me. I love everything I do - all my classes and extracurriculars. I've already dropped a lot after painstakingly making decisions. I can't choose to drop anymore since I love them. But so many things piled up makes everything a nightmare if that makes any sense at all. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me? I'm getting quite desperate and can't talk to close friends or family at the moment and I don't want to be drowning in despair on the first day back at school.


I believe school comes first but extracurriculars are important too. On their own, they're great + relieve stress. But LOTS of them together is time-consuming. Everyone has a way of de-stressing, and for me dancing, painting/drawing and horseback riding are good extracurriculars to escape from the stress. Studies show it's important to have fun once in a while. I'm not partying. I think now the main problem is that I'm overworking myself and studying too much and I should drop the honours.

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    School has to come first. If you are having a hard time getting schoolwork done because of extracurricular activity, then that needs to stop so you can focus on getting the more important things taken care of. You are adulting now, no more fun and games. You will find that once you free up enough time so that you can properly study, the stress will subside. If you choose fun over good grades, then you are not going to do well. Your choice.

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    Have your parents talk to the school and you talk to your teachers about dropping all AP/honor classes. If you can’t handle them you can’t.

    Realize a couple B’s are not going to prevent you from getting into college. Quit putting pressure on yourself.

    Organizational and time management are needed. You can’t let things pile up.write out lists of what needs to be each week and each day.  You need to study effectively and efficiently or you are wasting time.  Think of how best you learn and study.  

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