if someone else pays for ur phone plan, can they see ur texts on their own device?

its not an urgent issue right now, and i no longer have a way to get proof of this, im just curious of how this happened bc its f.cked up lol.

so, sad to say, i got my first phone around age 12 (im almost 19 now.) i think. i had a friend i met online, who ill just call J, and we exchanged phone numbers so we could chat when my internet wasnt great. 

now heres the thing: my mom knew i was texting him and started asking me "who is J? where does he live? do u really know who he is? u need to stop talking to him" etc, which isnt surprising for how young i was but... how would she know if she didnt see my phone herself??

i never told her about anything i did online, i still dont. shes always been the one to run my phone plan, and we both use straight talk under her info. i didnt know how it was possible that she could see my texts, and after doing some digging, the only ways she could theoretically see my texts is either a parental monitoring app system (which she never installed on my phone, so not an option here) or taking my sim card and putting it in her phone (and i never let my phone leave my side, so). 

as implied, she wasnt able to do either of those things and never did. so im genuinely wondering how she saw those texts. 

again to reask my question but more clearly now, could she have easily done that through straight talk itself or was she somehow using an illegal app/site to do it?


the person who answered, thats too vague. what app/site could she have used, and what features in it allow that without permission on my own device first?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    omg if thats the case i'm fecked ! ^_^

    lol good lord

  • 4 weeks ago

    Wait, wait, wait.  You said "my mom knew i was texting him and started asking me "who is J? where does he live? do u really know who he is? u need to stop talking to him" etc"

    Okay so your mom knew you were texting J.  Did you ever at all tell your mom you had a friend J you were texting?  Was there ever a time you and your mom were at the same table, you sat your phone down but the screen was still on and she saw the screen?

    To be honest, there's another explanation.  And see I've had my own share of things like this in my life, but now that I'm a lot older, I look back at those times and realize how little they mattered.  My life never changed because mom knew something I was doing.  Trust me, you'll be fine, I wouldn't worry about it.

    Unplug for a bit, being on the phone or the computer all the time, isn't healthy.  And I should be one to talk, because I'm always on the computer because that's what I grew up with and it's what I love doing.  Good luck.

  • 1 month ago

    To respond to your inquiry truly, she might have had messages sent to her telephone or an online dashboard, through in excess of several far off cell observing organizations,

  • 1 month ago

    Pay your own bills and it wont be a concern any longer would be my advice.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Ya they can 

    They have some way to track u 

    It’s like getting into your device

  • 1 month ago

    To answer your question yes, she could have had messages forwarded to her phone or an online dashboard, through more than a couple of remote cell phone monitoring companies, without touching the phone, without installing an app. All she would need would be carrier account information and the phone's IMEI/ESN. If this is an Apple phone, she would have needed the iCloud or iTunes login info as well.

    All of this without the sim card, your permission, or installed apps. You would not know. But the only way to stop such monitoring is to do what you don't want to do, which is to factory reset your phone, losing everything on it. The set up new iCloud and iTunes accounts (after closing the old ones first). 

    And all this could also be done, if all she did was sync your phone with another device. That way most of what's on it, pictures, all native apps, just repeat the data on the other device. 

    So it all depends on how smart mom is, and how careless and dumb you are. You'd be surprised at how much parents learn, because their children talk too loud when "chatting" on the phone to other people. And also depends if mom is the type to pay for such services, as they are not free. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    She could have just requested a fully detailed bill, which would have included all usage numbers etc.

    Or she enabled or installed a parental monitoring system before she gave you the phone.

    iphones have it built in already & just needs enabling by the account holder.

    Others may have that, and there are various installable parental control apps that are totally invisible to the child-side user, they do not show on the phone or tablet and can only be removed remotely.

    It is pretty much a requirement for anybody allowing phone / text / internet access to anyone under 18 that they do monitor it, as failure to ensure the child is protected from malicious users could be considered child neglect.

    [And re. another answer, it is not a breach of privacy for a parent or teacher to monitor childrens activities, or search their belongings, nor  for an employer to monitor employees whilst at work or using company owned devices & check their lockers / what they are carrying when they leave work etc].

    You only have anything like true privacy when at home, in a home _you_ own (or rent/lease), separately from your parents.

    Until you get married or have kids, that is..

  • 1 month ago

    No. That is breach of privacy and no phone carrier plans would allow that. The only way she could've seen your texts with J is if she personally looked at your phone, snuck a few peeks while you were texting him around her, seen your notifications, or simply by observing your behavior. She is your mom overall and will notice differences in your behavior when you are texting, calling, etc. My advice is to hide your notifications and make then private (Meaning no previews when your phone is locked), Put J as a different name (a girl's) and control your behavior when you are around your mom (such as smiling at the phone, being secretive, etc). The point here is to seem as normal as possible when she is around. The only times to be smiling, talking and yourself is when you are alone or out. Most of the time it isnt anyone thats being obvious but yourself. Oftentimes it can also be your mom physically checking your phone.

  • THE OG
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    1 month ago

    Ya they can 

    They have some way to track u 

    It’s like getting into your device 

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