Is it possible to be both spiritual and religious?

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  • T C
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    1 month ago

    Off hand I would say yes ...but it depends what you mean by spiritual.

    In the vernacular, the term is used interchangeably with a holy roller,  as well as mysticism, occultism, naturalism, and a situation being devil spirit influenced ...

  • Nous
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    1 month ago

    Spiritual experience has been shown to be linked to neurological characteristics specifically associated with epilepsy.  Religious fervour is a symptom in a number of psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia and is a symptom of the disease NOT a real belief!

     University of Missouri 

  • 1 month ago

    Yes and No for a Spiritual person is free to live their life without fear by placing their hand in Christs knowing nothing can take their hand from his hands......while a religious person must live with fear thinking they must  meet the standards their religion requires them to follow for salvation....two different faiths for a spiritual person believes in Christ alone for their salvation while a religious person believes only in the word of God and will fight you over the word, twisting it to fit what they believe...... 

  • 1 month ago

    Without being spiritual you cannot be accurate at being religious. Being spiritual has nothing to do with powers. 

    You would get Self realization only from that saint who is one with God. So only after becoming disciple of such saint you can become spiritual or experience spirituality. The warning is, it is not an easy task. Kings left their kingdom in history and they were worriers. You may have to bear pain on this path for a long time. 

    Clearly written in Punjabi language, 

    Naam fakir tina da bahu, hanju pani pweende hu...

    In Hindi, statement of one of the famous saint: 

    Kabir marg kathin hai, kaiyar ka nahi kaam

    Bhakti kere koyi soorma....

    You have to leave eating flesh, drinking alcohol and path of lust. 

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  • Archer
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    1 month ago

    As demonstrated by the title they are not realated.

  • 1 month ago

    Yeah. I think so.

    Good example..? My grandma's neighbor, and her husband! They love Jesus, and go to church at least once a week. They consider themselves Christians. But..? They are also mystics! They are very open, seeking people, and they are NOT Biblical literalists! Plus they're also into Sufi dancing, meditation, and many other forms of spiritual practice, that they've explored throughout their lives. And just direct spiritual experience, of personally connecting with the divine!

    I am personally NOT a Christian. And for a huge portion of my life, I have in fact been very ANTI Christianity! (Still am, I suppose, to a markedly lesser extent. Or at least anti SOME parts of it. But I see more nuances of it now.) But I am definitely a spiritual person, in my own way! And upon talking to this woman..? I felt like we had a LOT in common! And that our spiritual experiences, and search for divine connection, were quite similar, and driven by many of the same things! Just.. she finds Christianity useful, as a path towards experiencing divine love, and the mysteries of life. While I don't. Simple as that.

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