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Is excessive hair loss normal?

I take great care of my hair and use conditioner, spray products for styling (leave-in conditioners, serums, etc.) and every so often use heating wands, but that's never been a problem for me. The only time I go to excessive extremes with my hair is putting tons of hairspray in it and slicking it back into a bun for ballet.

However, this past year up until now, I've noticed I'm shedding tons of hair. It's the kind where you pull on the ends and it all comes out. It comes out regardless if it's dry or if it's wet and I just washed it. I have naturally curly/wavy, long hair. I also haven't had a haircut in a while and my ends do feel pretty dry. Could that be the problem?


I pull and shed strands, not chunks.

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    If it were normal it wouldn't be "excessive" regardless of degree.

  • When you use heat styling tools with out a heat protector and you do this a lot, that can damage your hair. Styling products like hair spray and adding sweat to that, this can dry out your hair. When you wash your hair after using styling products use a deep conditioner, specially if you use also a heat styling tool. 

    Your ends feeling dry isn't the reason why you're losing strands of hair. You can use a hair dryer and a brush to straighten your hair, it takes longer but it causes slightly less damage then a flat iron. Losing 100-200 strands a day is normal. If it's coming out in chunks, then you should see a doctor. 

    I have anxiety, I haven't lost hair from that.

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    It’s normal to lose anywhere between 100-200 hairs per day with more hair loss occurring more commonly in summer. Hormones and hormonal medications can disrupt normal hair loss as well as some illnesses. Not having had a recent haircut would only cause more split ends and not affect hair shedding. If you think you are losing more than 200 hairs per day then see your doctor. A thorough visual examination and blood testing can often uncover cause for increasing hair loss. Anxiety or chronic stress can seriously affect the hair growth/hair shedding cycle.

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