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why is it so much expected of women and wives but men can get away with the bare minininum?

Wives have to have dinner on the table, have to be expected to clean and also work to provide their share of the salary, they have to be able to satisfy their husbands sexually, and sometimes even sex isnt enough. Some men want you to be able to go above and beyond in the bedroom its just too much. then there are the kids women take on majority of that role also. women don't get nearly as much credit. then some men have the audacity to cheat if the sex is lacking even with all of the other great qualities the women has. WHY

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  • Foofa
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    It takes a lot of unpaid labor to maintain a home and raise children. But if in your family the woman has to do all of that then she either failed to negotiate well enough before she got married and/or she chose to marry a lazy dude. As for the cheating, that's just a bad, selfish man. 

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    In my marriage, my husband honestly does more chores than me. We TRY to split the work load equally. That includes the work done outside of the home, the work done in the home, etc. We both cook (equally). We both will take care of kids someday when we have kids (my husband has offered to stay home while I work on my career and I've offered to stay home while he finishes his degree... It's split up). The point is that, in marriage, both partners should be equals. Something that's been really helpful in our marraige is "check-ins". We sit down and address any problems AFTER telling each other things we've noticed that the other one is doing awesome. Usually it ends with cuddling or sex, just TBH. But we talk it out is the point. Maybe sit down with your spouse and say, hey you're doing awesome at __, ___, and ___. I've noticed you've done ___ recently, which is SO nice of you. One thing we can work on is splitting the work load equally. I'm overwhelmed. I want to be equal partners in this marriage, because that's what marriage is supposed to be, and I feel it's a little one sided right now. I love you, and I love all the good things you're doing. But I need help."

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    In my world, expectations are a set up for a huge let down.  My man expects nothing of me.  If i want to cook, i might.  If i want to clean, i will.  And as far as sexual satisfaction goes, you have that all backwards.  Men are the ones who are supposed to satisfy the woman - in today's world, that doesn't happen much at all because women are too quick to "serve" and become a slave and maid to a man.  

    Not me! 

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    You have a chip on your shoulder.  A lot is expected of wives.  I won't argue.  But "men" don't get away with the bare minimum.  I am sure I get the better deal but I do everything I can for my girl. As far as cheating is concerned women also cheat but keep it a secret better.

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