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Dogs watching security cams weird?

So we have some family friends who live out in the country and sometimes I've watched their 3 australian cattle dogs while they were out of state, sometimes for up to a month, and early in I noticed something kind of odd. For context, the house only has a few windows that are mostly covered and/or too high for the dogs to see out of. BUT what they can see is the row of security monitors in the living room hooked up to the cams monitoring the perimeter of the house and the street. And what I noticed is that the dogs actually watch the security monitors since they couldn't go to a window. Like, whenever they heard a loud noise or something from outside they would look to the monitors first and scan them. If they saw a strange person or vehicle they would alert me, and if it was their owners coming back they would get excited. I just thought it was neat but unusual. Does anyone else train their dogs to watch the security monitors or do they just do that on their own? Out of the three dogs there was one that was less alert to the monitors so I'm wondering if it was trained behavior.

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    No it is not a trained behavior, it is a learned behavior.  They weren't trained to do this.  They learned it on their own.  Do you know the difference between instinctive innate  behavior & learned behavior? Pretty smart dogs to pick up on this.

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    They learn from owner behaviour and each other

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    Intelligent dogs often mimic their owners actions and its probably why these dogs keep an eye on the security cameras and react to them.

    Also dogs have incredible hearing and can easily recognise an owners car engine noise and /or owners  footsteps from quite a long way off. 

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