Argentine Mauser price?

So a neighbor of mine has a Argentine Mauser model 1891 in 7.65x53 that at some point in its life was later sold to Peru, and retrofitted with the Lange-Viser rear sight that one sees on a Gweher 98. I really want to buy it off him but I’m not sure with a fair offer would be.


It’s an oddball caliber, I know and it is not easy to get all the time. I just want it because it is unique and not something I have seen before.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    First,  check out ammo.    He may be selling it because it is hard to get ammo or it costs a lot.   Second,  remove the bolt and light the bore and see if it is in decent shape.   The rifling should be easily visible and there should not be a lot of pitting of the barrel.    Third,  make sure the safety works.    If the gun loads with stripper clips see if he has any.    These guns are hard to load one round at a time.   Fourth,   take it out and shoot it.    If it can not group within three inches at 100 yards/meters then I would pass it up.   Offer him $400 and see if he takes it.  

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