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Why is my skin becoming dry/flakey ?!?!?

I’ve been experiencing some peeling skin and extreme dryness on my breasts for the past few months. My boobs are big but also saggy, likely do to their size so I have wrinkles. However, lately my boobs are much more wrinkly and have also started to have dry and flakey skin. I’ve tried to moisturize with lotion and cream, but at the end of the day they still have this peeling, dry skin on it. 

Before you ask, no, I don’t think it’s caused by the changing of the weather and the wrinkled skin still persists whether or not I wear a bra for the day. I also can’t see a doctor about this so any other suggestions besides that is welcome. Does anyone know what could be the cause of this? Also, what do you suggest I do and are there any products I should and shouldn’t be using to combat this? Thank you in advance. P.S I also attempted to attach a photo below of how the dry skin kind of looks. 

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    Those lotions contain glycerin - a triple alcohol which dries the skin in addition. That is a trick from the industry - it helps in the first moment but have a bad late effect; the first rule is: don't put something on your skin what you wouldn't eat!

    You can take MSM (methylsulfonmethane) - it is sulphur; ebay sport supplements. 1 ts in water. It taste bitter. For your skin, you can use almond- or coconut oil. The sulphur is important. 

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