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Homework help. Sociology?

why is sociology so important in a changing society and what is the role of the sociological imagination in the field of sociology, in understanding this changing world?

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  • Bobo
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    1 month ago

    Sociology is irrelevant to society regardless of whether it is changing or not.  Sociology is simply the study of society using theories and opinions that conflict with each other.  Sociological Imagination is a trick used to force a viewpoint that a person would otherwise not consider.  Understanding society includes understanding how people think and people think in different ways.  The vast majority of Sociology teachers think with emotion and are driven by emotional logic.  Others think with objective analysis, dispassionate assessments that do not result in the same conclusions as the emotional thinkers.  It plays out in politics as well--liberals think with emotion and conservatives think with objectivity.  Sociology is important only to the emotional thinkers who use Sociology to express their emotional opinions.  Don't let a Sociology professor know you have conservative ideas, they will give you poor grades. 

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