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Is this me periods or spotting ? ?

I had sex and exactly after 30 days started bleeding slightly and in the second day it got heavier. lasted for 4 days. And again after 43 days started bleeding and lasted only 3days. Spotting doesnt happen this way right ? I want to get pregnant. So this is my periods or spotting 


had sex on 7th sep.usually i dont have a 30 day period. It changes sometimes 28-32 and even has taken 54 days as well.bfore sep 7 my period started on 13th august then missed sep started oct on November 20th.after that didnt had any period untill now.oct 7 bleeding lasted for 4 days and oct one lasted only 3.As i wanted to pregnant i didnt wanted to do a test if its negative it might again make me upset.Still dont like to test. so i guess still um not pregnant that was my periods 😔

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    Breakthrough bleeding is any bleeding that happens when a period was not expected.

    Breakthrough bleeding can be any amount from "spotting" to seeming like another period.  (or even heavier than a period)

    Breakthrough bleeding can be seen once (spotting) or last for several days (seeming like a second period).

    So, "spotting" is just a few SPOTS but breakthrough bleeding can be ANY AMOUNT of bleeding that happens when a period isn't expected.

    If you keep having this problem, contact your doctor.  Repeated issues with breakthrough bleeding can indicate problems that might need medical attention.

    How many days are usually between your NORMAL periods.  You mentioned 43 days - so how many days do you track before you think what happened was a period.  Most women have a period every 28 to 30 days.  Longer cycles are possible but most people reset the count after they have a period.  If you had bleeding at 30 days after sex - how does that compare to the first day of your last period - then if you had bleeding at 13 days after the 30 days - that would be breakthrough bleeding if the bleeding at 30 days was a period.  Periods don't happen at 13 days after the last period.

  • helene
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    Spotting is EXACTLY what the name implies. It's a SPOT or two. Here and there, now and then. What you had is not spotting. 

    Spotting is not a sign of pregnancy, and neither is irregular bleeding. If you bled for four days, a month after the last time you had sex, you aren't pregnant. If you don't believe it, buy a pregnancy test. That will be much more accurate than looking for blood in your underwear.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Its probably your period if it was heavy.

  • 1 month ago

    If you want to get pregnant, you should have sex more often than just once in 46 days.

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