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Card reader - payment (business question) ?

OK, so where I work we put a new card reader in and it was a replacement for the previous one.

I was charging a dozen or so transactions before it started declining most cards. When 3 cards this customer had did not work, I stored an order for 0.84 cents and used my own card ! to my amazement, it went through and got approved.

This is where I am worried.. the transaction that got approved did not show up or remove money from my bank account. Even had a co-worker try and same issue (both different banks too).

This is NOT a normal occurrence. Until I can get into contact with someone I cant check what payments were actually paid out right now.

How could this happen?  May have lost a lot of money now. Just wondering cause I never had this happen. Very strange. 

I doubt this is right place to ask but if anyone would know, id appreciate the help ! 


@Anonymous  read the whole question bruh.

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    1 month ago

    This problem goes to your Manager. How would we know?

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