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Dream of teacher helping you with your missing work..?

In the dream I needed help with missing work and a assistant teacher that I dont recognize came and offered help.. I went through my backpack and got out all my work.. and we starred to organize all the work and get it done.. I remember at one point she tried to put the warm ups paper with another pile and I said it didn’t belong there and she argued and didn’t listen..

If you don’t believe in this dream stuff then you could leave!

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    By work I think you mean your homework, so I will enter my reply with that in mind.  First of all you thought the assistant teacher would be helpful, but she didn't do things the way you wanted.  It was your homework so you had a right to have it done exactly the way you wanted.  So she became rather "dominate" in this transaction in your dream.  Who does she remind you of in your real conscious  Life?  Your mother, sister, aunt, a nosy neighbor, etc.  To identify her would help you understand what this dream is trying to show you.  She argued and didn't listen to you.  Who does she remind you of in your real Life?  And when you figure that out, what are you going to do with that information?  

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