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Is it self defense if someone threw a knife at you and it is still in the air when you shot them dead since they were unarmed?

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    If your life was in immediate danger of coming to harm or ending, then yes it's still self defense. They're the one who threw the knife, and they can be considered neither armed nor unarmed until the knife hits something and stops. It can be considered in the same sense as a bullet leaving a gun. The bullet is the thing that killed them, not the gun itself, but since the gun is the thing that propelled the bullet to it's target, the gun is responsible for the death as the weapon. Throwing the knife is no different than if they had simply walked up and stabbed you. It's still an extension of perpetrator until it reaches its target. I hope that makes sense.

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    If I were that fast, I would shoot the knife to change its trajectory.

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    It is stupid, because shooting them isn't going to stop the knife.  I don't think there would be time to do anything while the knife is in the air, but if there is, you should be trying to avoid getting hit, not shooting the person.

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    They were not unarmed though. The evidence of their weapon is right there at the scene of the fight. Just remember, NEVER bring a knife to a gunfight.

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