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advair vs albuterol For cough asthma ?

My doctor said I could have asthma from allergies which makes me cough or recovering from bronchitis. He said it’s tricky because all I have is a cough 

My question is which inhaler is better my cough doesn’t stop me from breathing but it’s annoying I had used albuterol in the past but it made my heart race. The Advair somewhat works but I still have a cough any suggestions ?

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    Advair is suppose to prevent asthma attacks so you take it on a regular basis regardless of what symptoms you might be having.   Albuterol is a rescue inhaler that you take when you have symptoms.    Try taking some deep breathes.   If you start coughing then you got bronchitis,  not asthma.  

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    advair is a different drug and can not be used as a "rescue" inhaler more than prescribed usually twice a day.  It also contains a steroid which is not recommended for simple asthma as prolonged use of steroids have consequences.  Albuterol does make everyone's heart race but its very short acting.  This is a discussion you should have with your lung doctor.

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