is he a user ? and is he using me ?

Hi I have a close guy friend and he really likes me he’s very sweet and everything. but every time we go out I have to spend my money on him i took him out to eat twice and I also buy him food when he’s hungry. He never really took me out or anything he only

Bought me a bag of chips I never really got anything in return like I did to him. I remember one time he told me he wanted me to buy him something for his birthday if I had the money. but I remember when it was my birthday he didn’t buy me anything at all all I got was a happy birthday he didn’t even spend time with me. my birthday is in the winter and he always complains how he doesn’t like going out in the winter time and that’s why he isn’t spending time with me because it’s too cold outside I thought a guy that really likes you will spend time with you regardless. Another thing I always have to meet up with him at the park I never been to his house he always complains about his mother won’t let him have company when he is a 20 year old man which I do not believe that. and he always meets me at my brother house he never wants to come to my house as well. One time it was very late outside he didn’t even walk me home he told me I lived to far which I do not and if he did walked me home he always tells me I’m lucky because he never walks women home. but he expects me to go out my way for him And take transportation somewhere to meet up with him but he can’t do a little simple thing and take me home. What to do ? 


he always talks About about how he wants to be with me and etc. another thing he told me if we date he wants our relationship to be private and he doesn’t won’t nobody to know where dating he basically wants to hide our relationship I told him we do not have to hide our relationship but nobody has to know our business As well I don’t know what to do I want to remain friends but he keeps forcing a relationship on me.

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  • 1 month ago

    Does he have a vehicle of his own? Maybe he's embarrassed about where he resides? Does he have a job? Stop spending your money him, buying food, gifts, etc.. and just tell him you can't afford to buy him things. A simple happy birthday when it's his b-day. Don't meet him @ no park and definitely shouldn't be walking home by yourself at night. Better yet just leave him alone

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