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How to get over your pet passing away?

My bunny passed away 2weeks ago and i still have that heavy feeling in my chest, i can't stop crying at night and noone is taking me seriously, when i was bawling my eyes out and told my parents i'm gonna burry her they were shocked by the fact that i'm not gonna just throw her away, and told me i can get a new one. I don't think i'll get a new one.. EVER AGAIN. I am so goddamn heartbroken it hurts so much i can't take my mind off it.

Sometimes at night i'm still gonna hear things and think she's there and then i'll turn around to see the empty space where her cage used to be.

I had her for so long i forgot that everyone eventually dies and this just hit me so hard out of nowhere...

I don't know what to do to forget about it and move on it's just not leaving my mind and it's bothering me so much

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I buried all my fish when I was a kid even when everyone would make fun of me for not simply flushing them down the toilet, it's a perfectly normal way for you to want to get closure and show respect for a deceased friend. Grieving as much as you are is completely fine and healthy and it sucks but it's part of pet ownership. Time will heal it but for now try to find ways to honor her like making art of her!

  • OTTO
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    1 month ago

    Do what you need to do. Leave your parents out of it. Bury your bunny. Say some words to bring closure. Do what feels right to your heart as you process your loss. Love is love. Loss is loss. It doesn't matter what the object is. A child, a parent, a dog, a cat, a bunny. Love is what it is. Love is what made the Velveteen Rabbit become real.

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