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If someone got a real estate license, would they get fired if they didn’t sell anything?

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    If you're licensed realtor with a real estate company, that's likely. Licensed realtors that work for real estate companies actually pay the company, not vice versa. What they generally pay is a small flat fee, like office rent, and then a portion of their commissions. If a realtor didn't sell anything and that situation persisted, the real estate company would generally fire them because the real estate company isn't making the amount it expects in their percentage of the realtor's commissions and would bring another licensed realtor in to take that office who would sell and would get them more than their flat fee but also get them the percentage of commissions the real estate company requires to turn a profit. 

    Obviously, if a licensed realtor worked for themselves, they wouldn't get fired, because one can hardly fire oneself. But if they failed to sell anything, they might very well start getting fired by their seller clients.

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    Ask yourself why anyone would pay an employee who accomplished nothing? Of course the person would be fired.

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    employers do fire for incompetence and non-perfomance

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