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Why should I invite my mother’s obnoxious boyfriend to my wedding? ?

My mother has been dating this really obnoxious man for about a year. He’s loud, and rude. To top it off he’s also likes to get drunk at weddings. My mother insists that l invite him to my wedding or she won’t come. I’ve told her no! I’m not going to bend on this one. I just don’t know what she sees in him. But he’s not going to be invited to my wedding. Why should I invite him to my wedding? 


Were NOT having any alcohol at our wedding, because it's a morning wedding. Were choosing to keep it immediate family only. I don't consider that cretin to be apart of my family family. My fiancé and I both agree that he's that he's a schmuck. It's just one day out of her life, and my mother can survive without him by her side. I don't need the drama one on of the most important days of my life. Beside there's a pandemic going on as well. Space is very limited.  

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    Stay firm. It's your wedding. If he comes and gets drunk and spoils the wedding, you will never forgive yourself.

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    YOUR wedding - YOUR rules.  Just tell your mother the truth.......she can come but the drunk can't.

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    Personally I would not invite him if your mother chooses not to come so be it.

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    You don't have to and you're not obligated to. Keep saying "No''.

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    Since its customary and anticipated that somebody's "life partner" ought to likewise be remembered for the greeting. Since you and your mom will be alieneated inconclusively on the off chance that you don't. Since you are not intending to serve liquor at any rate.

    Then again, this is certainly not a decent an ideal opportunity to have any wedding, even little ones, because of the pandemic. On the off chance that your invitees are adequately keen, they won't come.

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    You have made up your mind and your groom agrees. What are you asking us here? 

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    You aIready decided he is NOT invited and gave multiple good reasons...

    But, you are still asking "Why" SHOULD you invite I will attempt to answer THAT question...

    Although your mother's threat to Not attend your wedding w/o the schmuck boyfriend is manipulative, ask you really want to alienate your mother from your wedding and deal with those emotional consequences when she does not show up ? Are you willing to take that joy from her and risk the potential fall-out for years to come ... perhaps even long after the schmuck is out of her life?

    Why not discuss with your fiance, mom and the schmuck that they can attend under the agreement that NO consumption of alcohol or drama comes with their attendance or they BOTH will be escorted off the premises in a matter of one minute.

    Curious...Are ANY unmarried dating couples invited ? If so, then this is NOT an immediate family only event.

    As far as space ... I doubt ONE more person honestly makes a difference. Besides, not 100% of the invited guests ever attend a wedding.

    Personally. I think you have more to lose by kicking your mother to the curb.

    WORK IT OUT WITH RULES AND CONSEQUENCES, then follow through if need be.

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    Because, obnoxious or not, he's your mother's partner; and you can't invite someone without their significant other to a wedding. 

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    Oh ffs.  Stand firm on this (assuming mom isn't paying for it).  Her threat to not attend the wedding if he's not invited is manipulative and it's not even original. Family members love using this as a threat.  Also, you keep calling this "my" wedding but it's "our" wedding.  That's an important detail, because you owe it to your fiance (and, by extension, his family) to not include anyone from your side who has a high potential to cause drama.  The smaller the wedding, the more important this is. 

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    no one cares.....

    also, getting married during a fcking pandemic, smh....

    weddings last literally 30 mins, maybe less. no time to drink. what you should be asking is if he's allowed to the "reception" you probably shouldn't have during a damn pandemic!

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