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Friend seems to be over staying her welcome, what do I do?

So, my friend was kicked out of her step sisters house. She doesn’t have any other family here so I said she could stay in my apartment since I am never there. I basically moved in with my boyfriend and I am just waiting until the lease is up in March. Keep in mind that my thought was she only needed to stay from January 11 to the 18th at first until she got her apartment ready but I let her come in early which was dec 24.. 

Then she told me she found a different apartment because she wasn’t approved for the first one so I thought she was only going to be here for another week.

THEN she found a different one because the 2nd apartment didn’t have a washer or dryer. Now we go to the 3rd apt. She says she wants it but she is JUST NOW (like last week) telling me that she doesn’t even have her SOCIAL for this apartment and she has to mail a letter to get a new one which won’t be here until Wednesday-Friday of NEXT week. 

And she tells me she is looking at MORE apartments. Like I am not trying to rush her out but she has until only MARCH second and she told me she would be moved out FEB 1st but I have a feeling she won’t be moved out.

She has given me $30 for gas and $35 for the light bill which I appreciate but if she stays past Feb 1st she has to pay rent (I didn’t have her pay some of January first rent because she was only there for like a week or so at the time)

I can’t be tripping out, like am I wrong here? Or am I right? She seems to be indecisive. 

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    You are also indecisive here, because you haven’t been any type of firm with her. You thought she needed a place to stay for a week between Jan11-18, but you let her move in three weeks early on Dec 24. The 18th came and went and she’s still there. And she’s giving you excuses, but you haven’t told her she needs to get out. Then you say she said she’d be moved out by Feb 1st, but later say if she stays past Feb 1 she has to pay rent. Have you told her any or all of this? Because honestly, Feb 1 is just over a week away, given that she has already lined up her excuses (like not having her SOCIAL), she isn’t going to be out, and if you tell her she needs to pay rent she’s going to have an excuse for why she can’t do that either.

    You may be very screwed here. She is unlikely to leave voluntarily and you may have a hard time forcing her out. You are probably in violation of your own lease if you didn’t clear her moving in with your landlord before she did so, so trying to get help from your landlord could result in your own eviction. The eviction moratorium doesn’t cover all evictions, so that doesn’t protect you here. I think you may have a better understanding why she was kicked out of her living situation and why nobody else was willing to help her.

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    There are a lot of places where she CAN live. Apartments are not the only type of home people live in. I don't why you allowed her to move in. You could have said NO, and be done with it!

    I think maybe I have a backup option regarding where I will be living. I am probably going to have to settle.

    I found a place where everyone is leaving. Because it's uninhabitable, but I should be fine with living there.

    If you were to think about how big our planet is well there are many different places where your friend can live, but since she is lazy then she can live outside, and maybe in a cardboard box, or sleeping under a dirty blanket.

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    You are getting screwed over and it's only going to get worse for you.

    She isn't going to leave. With the eviction moratorium in place, neither you nor your landlord will be able to evict her. That's good for you because he can't evict you either, but if you want to save your credit, you'll have to continue paying rent.

    Sorry for the bad news.  

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    She is using you for a free rental and not a friend at all. She should be helping you pay rent and utilities but she isn’t and never will. Good luck getting her out of there when your lease expires. And she has probably caused damage so good luck too I’m getting your security deposit back. That’s probably actually why she got kicked out of her step sisters house is because she didn’t contribute anything at all.  Give her a date to get out or you really screwed. 

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    She is taking advantage of you and is remaining indecisive because you are freeing her from making a decision. In a word, you are an enabler, letting her procrastinate. Give her a date and kick her out. Then she'll find a place. No, it's not fun, but she needs tough love to make a decision. Tell her now the final date and stick to it.

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    Now you know why she was given the boot from her step sisters place. She lies, does not do as she says, and she is in a really tough spot, no place to go, she will stay until you give her the boot to. So you now know, she is there until you force her out, no more stress about it.  Accept that fact. Now, you can sit down, calmly, have a conversation, tell her to stop the BS and level with you so you can help her, get her act together.  If she won't, you let or her stay or tell her to get out.

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