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My ankle fracture has healed up but still big and hurts at times. What do I do?

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    If you have already seen a board-certified orthopedic dr and he or she had said that it's healed (perhaps according to an xray), then how about getting a second opinion from a board-certified orthopedic dr at a different medical practice.

    Perhaps another orthopedic dr will give you some more answers, which may include getting physical therapy (PT), for instance, and may include water (aquatic) therapy.  (Just an fyi that before getting PT, a 'script from a medical doctor may be necessary.)  

    With regard to water therapy, it may be used for various injuries or conditions, but those with a fracture (though, at a certain time of healing), the person may possibly benefit due to the buoyancy of the water and/or to perhaps help with swelling.  (It's *not* supposed to be a cure-all/panacea though.)

  • kelvin
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    call your doctor and explain the problem to him

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    My ankle was swollen for almost a year, and it hurt on and off for months.

    Ice at night and keep it elevated when you can.

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