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What does this very crazy dream mean?

I don't remember all of it but I remember I had a dream I was behind the fence of my old house n neighborhood and my former best next door neighbor friend Brian he had black friends I never seen before meet me and asked to do rap battle with them, so I was gonna do a rap battle with them but wasn't a real battle they had these lists of strange items and I needed some to so I went to this weird cafeteria with lots of kids there and the adult host guy on stage instructed us to do something or investigate these small strange witchcraft like items such as a rotten feather and a light black type string and others. I felt these were bad and make no sense to have and so the host like he read my mind ask us if we were offended by these things so we voted on a poll n survey paper and most of us agreed we shouldn't have em and the guy concurred I think he played the piano later. Later I went to this opera like room with people playing classical music not too far from the cafeteria place then I woke up.

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    Could suggest you are uncomfortable with the negativity of some rap music, and would like to enjoy a more positive musical influence such as classical.

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