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Does license # change with renewal where a photo renewal is also required because I really dislike my license number?

The beginning two numbers are a HUGE PET PEEVE OF MINE AND HAVE BEEN FOR TEN YEARS NOW. Thank you


But I’m not telling you what the numbers are.

Update 2:

How about if I move out of state, get a new number then return? Surely they’re not going to give me the same number, are they?

Update 3:

I can’t believe I’m really stuck with this. I always had hope that I could change it if I wanted to.

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    1 month ago

    In most circumstances the first few numbers (and in some states letters) on your DL are specific to your age, gender, locale or other and even if assigned a new number you might still get stuck with the same beginning digits. 

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    So we get to guess . K . DP for double pen. Nah not 69 . and DP 

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    When you return, the state will issue a new license, but the same number will be used as the original you had for the state. The only time you get a new number is if you are a victim of identity theft or the state decides that you need it because they want to create a new identity for you. Such as witness protection program. 

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    No, you cannot change your drivers license #.

    BTW, is it 69???


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    1 month ago

    no, you will end up with the same number the rest of your life

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