Could I still make a phone call from my old flip phone?

So back in the mid 2000's, maybe 2004, I had a Virgin Mobile flip phone.  I've had an android phone for a while now, and my phone number has been the same ever since.

When I moved from VM to Straight Talk, I was able to get my account number and move my phone number with me to the Straight Talk service.  I was curious and went on my flip phone and tried to make a call.  I then got a recorded message:

"Sprint has connected you to an external operator where you can now complete outbound calls using either a credit card or collect billing"  the message does say some stuff afterward, and then press 1 to make a call by using your mobile carrier or 2 for alternative payment.

On my flip phone, my current phone number still shows up.  So I'm just wondering, if my current number is on my android phone, is it possible to make a call with the flip phone or not?


Virgin Mobile became a part of Boost Mobile, the original IP was sent back to the original owner of Virgin Mobile, but what had existed moved in with Boost.  They have a place on the Boost Mobile website where you can look up an IMEI number to see if that phone will work with the Boost Mobile service.  After I typed in my IMEI number on the website, and hit continue, nothing even happened.  So I'm thinking it's just too old.

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  • 1 month ago
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    Even if it is possible now, it won't be for much longer.    

    That phone would be a 2G model, 

    and 2G equipment is being removed from cell sites at a rapid rate.   

    3G is also quickly going away.     


    I would regard it as a useless relic. 

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