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Who is wrong?

I have decided to move back to my family country (summer) house, which is huge!, with a lot of land around it and in the Mediterranean. I would re-decorate everything, built a brand new French style kitchen, grow my own vegetables and do whatever kind of work-from-home work I can find.

My grandparents are strongly against it. They advice me to stay in the city and work for a company, or buy an appartment and rent it out as an extra income. Now, I am 29 so pretty much able to make decisions on my own you’d think. But they are real power figures in our Southern (European) family and I feel like they are lobbying against my idea.

Am I really “young and unexperienced” or are they left behind in 20th century? I don’t care about “safety” they believe in. They don’t understand when I say what I think the life should be about.

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