33 weeks pregnant keep getting sickness and diarrhoea with hot and cold flushes ?

I am 33 weeks pregnant and recently I have been getting nausea sometimes accompanied with sickens and I also get diarrhoea with it. I start off feeling really sick then go very hot and cold, most the time it’s like a hot flash then accompanied by diarrhoea and little cramps here and there but they go quickly after. It’s been going on for a week now and happens twice a day but feeling sick happens more often through the day. I am going to tell my midwife on my next appointment but hoping someone else has had this happen and know what the cause off it is from. 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Call your Ob/gyn ASAP.  You could have an infection. GI tract issues are common in the last couple of months because all your internal organs are getting squished.  Sometime changing your diet can help.  Sometimes your doctor will recommend a medication.   Still, to be sure, you need to see you doctor.  Midwife's may be great resources, but honestly, I'd encourage you to see medical attention.  

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