How do people escape a family and all if the people who u confided in also say but ur family ? ?

Hope that makes sense 


Escape I mean like just feel free 

Update 2:

Like I couldn't experience that stuff here that only thing . But either way it's not right to say that etc 

Update 3:

Like like but but but ur family . That what it sounds like 

Update 4:

And then I'm supposed to be free haha like 

Update 5:

No not that ! I mean to say I don't want to overthink that stuff .I don't have any problem with my family . Just need feel less like a failure etc 

Update 6:

I don't hate the family . Just feel overwhelmed etc . But didn't escape etc . See normally failures just escape earlier etc or someone don't bring up family to them like trivial stuff like I said makes no sense . Etc anyeysd sorry tc I be quiet 🤫 once again don't hate family and am dependent . That why asking how to escape etc 

Update 7:

I don't hate my family once again 

3 Answers

  • Mike A
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    the wording of this question is confusing. 

  • T J
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You move, have no contact at all with them, you block them on eve3rything, you get a new phone number.

  • enn
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    In the United States we still have the freedom to move to a different state. You do not HAVE to live in the same town city or state as your family. There is a book about a woman who moved to a different country after her husband died and went to live with her husband's family instead of moving back in with her own parents. She remarried to a wonderful man and changed her life. Her tale does not include one word of her own birth parents or siblings, only the tale of her move to a different country and living a new life. I have rather done the same with my own family. My husband and I moved to a town 200 miles away and we stay that way. I visit my siblings and mother 2 times a year, but when it comes to being part of that family I now stay away. My mom created a rift in my family when she wrote out her will and only named half of my siblings on it. I have 5 brothers and 4 sisters, so 5 of them are on the will and 5 of us are not. She named all of the church-going siblings on her will, which now means she is obviously "rewarding" the ones who go to her church and "punishing" the ones ........ who are not ......?!? My oldest sister has always hated me and has visibly disdained myself, my husband, and our daughter to where other siblings have noticed her treatment of us. She sent me a text demanding I pay her and my sister some money to help pre-pay my mother's funeral. I told my sister to take that out of my share of the estate. She had a big snit fit over that. Recently I helped care for my mother while my other sister took a much-needed vacation from helping be caretakers to my disabled mom. While there, I informed my mother I wanted nothing from her or her estate in front of my adult nephew as a witness. I told her if I am to be begrudged even my 1/10th of what I am supposed to get -- no, I don't want any of it. There is this thing about "Am I the ******?" If wanting nothing from dirty hands means I am an ******, I will gladly be an ****** and own that. But husband, daughter and I are 200 miles away and every day I do my best to not even think about them. They are not a part of my daily life, we do not talk about them behind their backs. The downside is- we go to a different church. When people I meet ask what church I attend, I gladly tell them all about this different church I attend. How can I even tell people about my former church if this is how my own family members treat their own family member? So, take a tip and use your freedom to get a job and a place to live in another state. Why hang around and be their target? Get outside of their target range and stay there and meet new people and treat them better. We watch tv shows all the time about tv show characters having better parties with their new friends and having more meaningful relationships with their new friends and not a word about their families. Maybe now is the time to move away, get a new life, befriend those who are alone and lonely and create a new dynamic where you are no longer being poisoned by toxic people. Think about this and good luck.

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