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How to be more confident as a failure but one who isn't binded by one night family etc and just trying to recover etc ?

I am boring I need repair stuff but I was really hurt by my failure . And I was overwhelmed by the people I trusted also saying stuff like but but but if u leave someone In HR family will die . What happens this that . That why I subk more . But how can I move past that . Thanks tc .

Ps I didn't use alcohol or birth control so don't say because of that 


Just have had too much tension I just want to think better about myself that all but don't want accusations like but ur family this that why this that . Etc 

Update 2:

That main reason why  paranoid about my flaws in the FIRST place 😂

Update 3:

One night family I mean like a one night stand and a party is the same to me 😂 like success is other things for me 😊

Update 4:

Thanks I'm being serious . Tc thx . But ya I'm trying make the repairs need find new appointment soon etc for something cosmetic stuff like plastic surgery but not really 

Update 5:

No I'm trying reapir just explaining why that happened that all. But I just don't like someone say like u can't what about it family etc that why it's like what can person do then meanwhile other people with other family they don't get stopped like that 

Update 6:

Sorry be quiet 🤫 just want to delete this . But seriously

Update 7:

See it doesn't make sense to u it didn't make sense to me either . But some people do believe in all this stuff like some family's this that status big party etc some believe in all this stuff 

Update 8:

And they can enforce it on someone and do something different themselves these people do exist actually 🤣

Update 9:

That why say I don't care that stuff just trying other way again etc 

Update 10:

It doesn't make sense to me either like saying this to an already suicidal is like wait these people are smart right. ? Why taking such trivial stuff lol 😂 like a superstition stuff u can say 

Update 11:

Meanwhile I'm thinking like haha I hate myself more and he's saying this that lol . The same thing doesn't apply to him though 

Update 12:

But ya that doesn't make sense I agree that what I saying 🤣

Update 13:

Like u do that someone die sister not happy life u do that 🤣 I'm think who is the real crazy 😧 educated smart people talking like this 🤣

Update 14:

I'm not talking the repairs like stuff like people do when runaway . Like there is a superstition with that like some people can't others can lol that what saying like don't choose the family etc that unfair thing . Meanwhile he did on road what family there 🤣 that why confusing 

Update 15:

Forget about that . Just that is hurtful things 

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    You apparently need therapy, and it's evidently quite urgent. You are not making any sense and you seem to be talking to people who aren't there. Are you on medication? If so, make sure your dosage is correct. If not, please PLEASE go see a therapist or counselor ASAP. Be well, and good luck!

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