How many hours per week does an Accountant work on average? ?

I talked to a lady who is a self employed Accountant and she said she puts in about 50 hours/week normally, and 90+ during tax season. ...Is this realistic? Or was she exaggerating? (I've heard of 70 hour weeks during tax season.)

She also claims she just has an associate's degree. She said she did an internship that lead into a full-time position at a firm, then moved up to being self employed after 10 years. Is this realistic too? (I thought everyone said you need a bachelor's degree.)

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    The 50 sounds right.  The 90 might be a little high.  I find it difficult to work more than 70 - 75 hours a week during tax season.  I took the same path as she did, though becoming self-employed took me quite a bit longer.  If you are going to stay in the corporate world or want your CPA then you have to have a bachelor's.  

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    The man who does my taxes is not a CPA. He loves going through minutia and getting people legit refunds, though.

    John is correct. One has to go through a lot to be a CPA, but very little in the way of accreditation is needed to call one's self a book keeper. One in our state did bookkeeping (and embezzled) from more than one company. She was able to do that because she settled out of court to pay back some of the money and stay quiet about how stupid they were to hire her in the first place.

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    I'm a self-employed accountant in public practice, although I'm now semi-retired.  When I was working full time for others, 50 hours a week most of the year and 65 to 75 during tax season was typical.  In public accounting, professional employees are generally expected to work long hours. Many firms also expect their professional staff to underreport hours. Most of those who do not have a 4 year degree or higher are paraprofessionals who are paid on an hourly basis.  There is usually almost no room for advancement for those without a 4 year degree in public accounting.  

    As far as being self-employed, in most states anyone (rather frighteningly) can go into business as a bookkeeper/tax preparer.  There is virtually no regulation of those who are not CPAs.

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    She is self employed and is good at finding business. She could work less if she wanted.

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    The lady you talked to isn't a CPA, so I'm not sure who would hire her to do taxes for them.  She may work that many hors because she isn't very good at her job.   

    Average isn't the same as what one person does.  An accounting who works for an accounting or tax firm will probably work about 40-hours/week on average except durning tax season.  How many hours they work will depend on their client load and their ability.  The more expertise a person has, the faster they are able to do the work.  

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