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Can you help me with English please?

At eighteen I begged my parents to allow me to enter a convent; but they firmly refused. After that refusal I indulged in the vanity of the life.

What does the word "indulged" mean in this case?


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    It's to give way to temptation, or grant as a favour. So in this context, it means you gave way since the vanity of the life was so tempting and you willingly engaged in the vanity of the life.

    Basically indulge is to not restrain or oppose, to just willingly go along with something. Hope this helped :)

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    Why do yo say "in this case"?  Indulge only has ONE meaning.

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    It's an unusual phraseology "to indulge in vanity", unless you're missing a line or something. From the context, it sounded like she was headed for some liberties that she wouldn't otherwise have taken in the convent. 

    Source(s): Vanity, thy name is woman? “Vanity, thy name is woman.” Even though Shakespeare never actually wrote it, it's still a cultural meme.
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    "Indulged" in that context means "willingly engaged". As in, "I willingly engaged in the vanity of life".

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    It means you enjoyed it.

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