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Why is it that in England, if you're a student at university with student loans...?

If you failed a year, they don't let you repeat it?


They should at least give you one chance especially if you had things such as depression or health problems- real problems that were real obstacles.

Update 2:

I meant student loans won't grant you a loan for a repeat year. If a student has depression they could be the most mature person in the room and still not be able study because of depression. You need to get educated on depression before accusing other of immaturity. Having a problem with depression and a problem with maturity are two different things. It just demonstrates your lack of ignorance and lack of empathy for others.

Update 3:

I've heard they do gift years but they do not always grant them.

Update 4:

it depends on the reason.

Update 5:

demonstrates your level* of ignorance.

Update 6:

Failing university because of depression or because of immaturity are 2 different matters. Also, calling a depressed person immature for not being able to function or control their mental health because of their depression is ignorant and wrong. 

Update 7:

@Lili, I understand what you're saying. In regard to,' Frankly, if you've failed an entire year, do you really think you belong at university? Perhaps you do need to mature, or perhaps consider that university just isn't for you.', well I would tell you yes I do think I can belong to university because I won't let the obstacle (depression) that I had when I was last at uni stop me from trying again. I was in education for years so one year of failure does not mean that university is not for me.

Update 8:

Also on top of suggesting that I perhaps need to mature or that uni might not me for me, you could have also mentioned that I need to work through my depression and then try again after a few years. If I failed a year, this doesn't mean I want a second chance immediately. A person can repeat a year after a few gap years. 

Update 9:

Why did you imply that I 'need to mature' even after I mentioned depression? It just shows a lack of empathy on your part. It feels as if you're not taking the fact that I had depression seriously.  

Update 10:

If the students of yours who are depressed cannot handle university then it is because of a mental health problem. So I hope you tell them to see a therapist to heal because it would be rude and cold to just tell them that they should 'mature'. It's not an appropriate word to use in this context.

Update 11:

My point is, a person does not 'mature' out of depression, they heal from depression. A lazy student needs to mature, a depressed student needs to heal. 

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    you need to ask your school this question

  • 1 month ago

    Universities aren't there to baby people who can't hack it.  The student made the choice to get loans which has nothing to do with the university.  

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