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Canada accepted draft dodgers and deserters, but what about people who were guilty of desertion under fire, were they still accepted ?

Say there were in a middle of a battle, during the war, and everyone is shooting, and someone refuses to shoot, and just walks away , and walks off the battlefield, and goes to canada.

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    The problem here is, how would anyone in Canada know that any given individual deserted under fire? It's not something someone would brag about. Then the other problem is if the guy deserted and was not caught and convicted of desertion-the guy is innocent until proven guilty. What could Canadian immigration do, have the guy's commanding officer come over to Canada and give testimony? 

    It is a misunderstanding that there was a specific policy in Canada to accept US draft dodgers. The fact was anyone just about anyone who entered Canada in those days could stay, and the policy in Ottawa was that US military discipline could not be enforced by Canada.

    The US is the same, if the INS finds out some Korean or Swiss guy in the US did not do his national service-the INS does not send them back just because of the national service policy in some other nation. Once one steps foot in the US, US laws applies. 

    Canada was booming in those days and there was a labour shortage-like anything else it was about the economy. If someone actually was convicted and did time in Leavenworth-that would probably disqualify them from remaining in Canada. However, no one is officially a deserter until their court martial is done. At this point, a US sentence for desertion is not a good reason for an asylum claim in Canada precisely because the US military is really very lenient with deserters these days! I cannot blame the Pentagon for that policy, they might as well see the back end of malcontents instead of having them take up space in punishment barracks. 

    The draft dodgers didn't do so bad, look at Sylvester Stallone and Steven Seagal. 

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